Croup fact sheet rchs

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Croup fact sheet rchs

Croup is usually seen in children, but can happen at any age. Because there is no immunisation rchs rchs it is not possible to prevent croup. Most croup will go away in 3 to 7 days. • Some children can sheet get croup more than once. Often no treatment is needed, but sometimes medicines will be prescribed. Do rchs not hesitate to seek medical help if this is the case. A child with severe croup will fact need prompt treatment in hospital. Croup is often a mild illness but can get worse quickly. Croup is swelling around the vocal cords that cause a “ barking” cough. sheet Children' s health information fact sheet about croup. PUBLIC FACT rchs SHEET CROUP What is croup? Croup mainly affects children under the age of six. Health fact sheets; Croup Croup is.

Among infants young children, it is rchs the most sheet common cause of bronchitis, croup, ear infections pneumonia. Croup is usually caused by a virus allergies, , but it can be caused by bacteria can have other causes. Croup fact sheet rchs. Croup is a condition that involves inflammation swelling of the larynx ( voice fact box), trachea ( windpipe) fact bronchi ( the large airways in the lungs). How is croup spread?

Croup sheet

A useful guide to childhood croup. Treatment of croup, when to see a doctor and what to do at home with a child who has croup. Fever Fact Sheet. Croup Fact Sheet 1. – Croup refers to an infection of the upper airway, generally in children, which obstructs breathing and causes a characteristic barking cough. Croup is most often caused by viruses but occasionally bacterial infections can also cause it.

croup fact sheet rchs

The most common cause of Croup is infection with the Human. – Croup is most often caused by Human Parainfluenza virus ( HPIV), primarily types 1 and 3, but other viral and possibly bacterial infections can also cause it. It is most common in the autumn but can occur year- round, with a slight predilection for males.